About Denton Now

Denton Now was created from a need for a centralized events calendar for Denton. Denton has a thriving music and arts community, a rock solid business community and many other aspects of its very diverse overall city culture. Our aim is to bring all of these sub-cultures together in one centralized place where you can look and see what is going on in Denton Now. (hence the name)

Our site is optimized for mobile and you can download event information directly from our web site to your calendar on your device or computer.

We are owned by Brightside Media LLC, which is a media and retail sales business owned and operated by (former and soon to be again) Denton residents Scott and Camille Hazard. Our site is supported by the few ads that you see displayed on the pages. We created this site mostly because we love Denton. We live here and want to be able to know what’s going on around us.

Most of the events on this page are electronically imported from social media sites and other locations throughout the web, where they have been posted in a public forum. The events on this web site are, of course, subject to change without notice.

Thanks for visiting us. The next time you ask yourself or someone else, “What’s going on tonight?” just grab the nearest device to you and pull us up. We’ll tell you exactly what is happening in Denton tonight, or tomorrow, or three weeks from next Thursday or…. you get it.

Thanks for stopping by.